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Cost for International Adoption

The cost for international adoption is something many people think about when first considering international adoption, and that's understandable. Any adoption is expensive, and the prohibitive cost keeps many families from pursuing it.

The total cost will depend on many factors, including the country you choose, the agency you go through and also what the dollar is worth. The American dollar is currently in flux, and what may cost $25,000 when this article was written (December, 2009), may cost a great deal more when you read this page.

So with that in mind, here is an explanation of what the cost involves and what you might expect.

costs of international adoption

Agency Fees

The agency fees, along with your international fees, will be the biggest part of your cost for international adoption. So why is the agency fee so high? Any adoption agency has an office building, equipment and full-time staff, all of which cost money. Plus they pay for advertising and provide aide to orphans.

So why use an agency? A reputable agency will work as a shield, protecting you from scams and making certain your adoption journey runs as smoothly as possible. They also make certain your paperwork is in order, arrange your hotel accommodations, and provide for an escort while you're there. If you need someone to hold your hand throughout your adoption journey, then an adoption agency is likely the right choice for you.

On the other hand, if you're a rugged individualist who is not afraid of a challenge, you may want to consider pursuing an independent adoption and cut the agency fee out of your cost for international adoption.

International Fees

Again, these will be much higher should you choose to adopt through an agency. These fees include a mandatory donation to help cover orphanage costs and also help cover all overseas attorney costs and bureaucratic expenses.

Travel Expenses

This is also a large part of your cost for international adoption, and include airfare for both you and your child, hotel expenses and meals. This cost will depend on how far you will have to travel to pick up your child.


This will include birth certificates, marriage licenses, a medical exam, police records and any other documentation required by the country through which you plan to adopt. Many of these documents will need to be signed by an active notary public and then be apostilled by the Secretary of State in your state - usually at a cost of at least $10-$20 per document. Most adoptions require at least ten different official documents, so expect your paperwork to cost you at least $200. how much does international adoption cost

Home Study

Another big part of your cost for international adoption. You will need to have a case worker come to your home to make certain that you have a safe living environment for a child, interview you and then prepare a home study. The cost will usually run about $1,200.

Doctor's Fees for Exams

Most countries want documented proof that you have no disabilities that would hinder your ability to care for a child. A medical exam from your local doctor will likely cost about $150 and up.

The Total Cost for International Adoption

So what can you expect the total cost for international adoption to be? It will depend on the country you choose and whether you choose to use an agency.


You will most likely have to go through an agency to adopt from China. The cost will be anywhere from $24,000 to $27,000 and up, depending on the agency you choose.


Again, if you adopt from Korea, you will likely have to go through an agency. Expect the cost to be about $25,000 per child.


You will have to go through an agency should you choose to adopt from Russia. The cost will be about $35,000 per child.

The Ukraine

You can pursue an independent international adoption through the Ukraine. If so, your cost will be about $12,000 per child. If you go through an agency, expect to pay about $30,000 per child.


If you pursue an independent adoption from Jamaica, your cost for international adoption will be about $3,000 to $4,000. If you go through an agency, expect to pay about $20,000.


If you go through an agency to adopt from Haiti, expect to pay about $22,000 per child. If you pursue an independent adoption, the total cost will be around $6,000.

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