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International Adoption Grants
Part One

International adoption grants are a great help in paying those costly adoption fees. And while, you won't receive enough to pay for the entire adoption, most grants range from $500 to $3,000 - a big help towards that costly adoption. Here are some agencies that give out grants on a regular basis.

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Show Hope

Founded by Steven Curtis and Mary Beth Chapman and originally named Shaohannah's Hope, Show Hope has been giving away international adoption grants since 2003.


Show Hope is a founding member and current board member of the Christian Alliance for Orphans, and they encourage you to work with an agency that is a member of CAO.

Those interested in grants must also seek additional sources of adoption funding including seeking help from church. Prospective grant recipients must apply online after completing a home study and before having a child placed in your home. Both single parents and couples can apply for grants.

Show Hope receives hundreds of applications every month and gives out international adoption grants based on the availability of funds. They send out notifications via postal mail. Expect a wait of 3-4 months from the time you submit your application to when you are notified.

Help Us Adopt

Help Us Adopt was founded by Becky and Kipp Fawcett, a couple who struggled with horrendously expensive infertility costs ($82,000) before finally pursuing adoption and finalizing the adoption of their son in 2006. They vowed to someday help others and eventually founded Help Us Adopt.

They give out grants for both domestic and international adoptions of up to $15,000 toward adoption expenses to couples and individuals (regardless of race, religion, marital status or sexual preference) who are U.S. citizens residing in the U.S. with an approved home study and who have demonstrated a financial need. Start by filling out an online application. Priority is given to applicants without children.

Grants are awarded twice a year in June and December with application deadlines in the middle of October and the middle of April.

God's Grace Adoption Ministry

God's Grace Adoption Ministry was established in 1998 to aid in the placement of children into Christian homes to not only meet their physical needs but also influence their lives eternally for the Kingdom of God. This organization provides help in the form of international adoption grants and assist with adoption fundraising.

God's Grace Adoption Ministry offers matching grants to funds the adoptive family has raised in their own community. In other words, if they send you a letter of commitment for $2,500, and through fundraising efforts you are able to raise $2,500 in your community, you will then receive $2,500 from God's Grace Adoption Ministry for a total of $5,000 toward your adoption expenses.

Both parents pursuing grants for international adoptions and those needing assistance with domestic adoptions qualify. You must submit a $10 application fee along with your application. At the time of this writing, only two-parent, Christian families with a household income of $60,000 or less qualify for a grant.

National Adoption Foundation

The National Adoption Foundation was established in 1994 by adoptive parents wanting to provide financial assistance, services, and support to families, before, during and after their adoptions are finalized. They provide both domestic and international adoption grants.

Applicants must have a home study completed or have one in progress. The program is open to all legal adoptions of non-related children, including international adoptions, private adoption and special needs adoption. The Foundation gives out grants four times a year. Both the amount of each grant and the number of grants awarded depends on the funds available at the time of the Board's meeting.

To apply, fill out the application form. You are also required to make a donation with your grant application.

Other Helpful Sources

Ask many couples why they don't adopt, and they'll say finances are what are holding them back. But it doesn't have to be that way. My husband and I had a limited income, yet we were able to adopt three children, including one child from Guatemala without going into debt. You can too. Here's how.

Are you thinking about pursuing an international adoption? Developing a plan for how you'll pay for that adoption is the first step you should take. Here are some ways to get started.

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Fundraisers are a great way to pay for your adoption. Learn about some fun ones by clicking here.

The best kinds of fundraisers are fun, fairly simple to organize and - naturally - bring in the most funds for your international adoption. Learn more.

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More and more companies are now offering adoption benefits, so it's definitely worth your while to check and see if your company offers such benefits. Learn more.

Great Fundraisers!

Use a raffle to raise funds for your adoption. Learn more.

Sell t-shirts and pay for your adoption with a t-shirt fundraiser. Read more.

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Using the cash bash to raise funds for your adoption. Learn more.

A jigsaw puzzle fundraiser is a fun way to raise money for your adoption. You can read about it by clicking here.

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