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Financing International Adoption

Financing international adoption is an intimidating prospect for those wanting to build their families through international adoption. You yearn to build your family and want to help a child in need, to provide that child with opportunities he wouldn't find in his own country. But how do you pay for that frighteningly high cost?

The answer is not to let that high sum intimidate you. My husband and I paid for our adoptions without going into debt despite that we live on one income and my husband doesn't have a huge salary. Countless couples who aren't rich have managed financing international adoptions, and so can you. Here are some things to keep in mind:

You Don't Have to Pay For it All at Once

Financing international adoption is a lot like eating an elephant. You do it one bite at a time. When agencies list an estimated total cost of adopting, they're including everything from international fees, to paperwork, to travel and doctor's exams, in other words, up to two years worth of expenses.

Typically you'll pay your application fee the first month, and then an agency fee a few weeks later. You won't pay your international fee (usually the most expensive part of your adoption costs) until you get a referral - usually several months or even a year down the road. This will give you plenty of time to raise funds.

Come Up With a Fundraising Strategy

As soon as you commit to adopting internationally, come up with a plan for financing international adoption costs. If you live in an urban area, plan on having at least two garage sales - a yard sale is one of the best ways to raise adoption costs. If you don't live in an urban setting, borrow the garage of a friend or family member for your sale.

There all kinds of ways to raise money for financing international adoption expenses, including a fundraising dinner, selling candy bars and setting up a blog asking for online donations. Get a calendar and plan several adoption fundraising events.

Consider Downsizing

Do you have a large mortgage? Given the current economy, you might not be able to sell your home, but you could rent it and move into a more modest dwelling to cut costs and save for financing international adoption expenses. How about what you drive? Are those nice cars worth the car payment? Be honest and ask yourself which is more important: a child of your own or an impressive car. Act accordingly.

Look at Hidden Assets

Do you have a coin collection? You might be able to sell it on eBay to help with adoption expenses. My husband and I cashed in an IRA to help pay for our adoption.

Look at What You're Eating

Get a calendar and mark how often you eat out for lunch and dinner. When you're out in the work force, the temptation is huge to stop at a restaurant rather than cook at home. Let's say between lunch and dinner, you and your spouse both eat out at least five times a week. Even if you stuck with the cheap burger joint, your cost would be at least $60 per week or $3,120 per year. That's enough to pay for your air travel when you go to pick up your child.

Instead, get into the habit of cooking a large dinner each night, so you both have enough left over for lunch the next day. Not only will you save the cost of an expensive burger, you'll also save in gas money and the stress of traffic and waiting in lines.

Other Helpful Sources

Ask many couples why they don't adopt, and they'll say finances are what are holding them back. But it doesn't have to be that way. My husband and I had a limited income, yet we were able to adopt three children, including one child from Guatemala without going into debt. You can too. Here's how.

Are you thinking about pursuing an international adoption? Developing a plan for how you'll pay for that adoption is the first step you should take. Here are some ways to get started.

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Uncle Sam also wants to help you with your adoption costs through a tax credit. Learn more.

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Grants are a great way to help with adoption costs. Find agencies that offer grants by clicking here.

Want to learn about more places for grants? Here are some more great places to apply.

It is possible to find an international adoption you can afford. Here are some ideas to help save money.

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A garage sale is a great way to raise adoption funds. Learn how to finance your adoption by clicking here.

Intimidated by high adoption costs? Don't be. Paying for your adoption involves taking one step at a time. Find some more tips by clicking here.

So how much will your international adoption cost? The answer will depend on the country you choose and whether you choose to go through an agency or pursue an independent international adoption. Learn more here.

Fundraisers are a great way to pay for your adoption. Learn about some fun ones by clicking here.

The best kinds of fundraisers are fun, fairly simple to organize and - naturally - bring in the most funds for your international adoption. Learn more.

Making and selling gift baskets are one creative way to raise funds for your international adoption. You can read some tips on making an appealing basket by clicking here.

Thinking about taking out a loan to pay for your adoption? Read this article first by clicking here.

If you want to pursue a loan using your home as equity, there are important things to know upfront. Learn more here.

One of the easiest and most effective ways to pay for your international adoption is to learn to cut back on costs. Here are some easy ways.

Do you love doughnuts? You're not alone. Help pay for that adoption with a doughnut fundraiser. Learn more here.

When making plans for raising funds for your adoption, don't forget to include friends and family. Learn how to write a letter to solicit funds and help by clicking here.

More and more companies are now offering adoption benefits, so it's definitely worth your while to check and see if your company offers such benefits. Learn more.

Great Fundraisers!

Use a raffle to raise funds for your adoption. Learn more.

Sell t-shirts and pay for your adoption with a t-shirt fundraiser. Read more.

Read one person's story about raising funds for her adoption with a Garage sale fundraiser.

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While you're doing one fundraiser, why not combine it with another one? Learn how.

Looking for a low-cost, simple way to raise funds? How about the pasta fundraiser? Read more.

A taste test party is another great way to raise funds. Learn more about it by clicking here.

Using the cash bash to raise funds for your adoption. Learn more.

A jigsaw puzzle fundraiser is a fun way to raise money for your adoption. You can read about it by clicking here.

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