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Your International Adoption Celebration
Why You Should Plan One Now

Your international adoption celebration needs to be planned now.

Why? Because bringing your angel home is a whirlwind experience, and you'll have trouble finding the time to brush your teeth, let alone planning an international adoption celebration.

Find that hard to believe? I did. It felt like my husband and I waited forever for the chance to bring our daughter home.

Then our caseworker called. Two weeks later we were in Guatemala holding our beautiful daughter, and we suddenly had a new definition of "busy".

That's why you need to take steps now to prepare for your celebration - before your bring your child home.

Here are some tips to get started.

Start An Adoption Scrapbook

A scrapbook is the part of your international adoption celebration that your child will treasure for years. Children love hearing stories again and again. What better story is there than the story of his or her own adoption?

It doesn't have to be elaborate or expensive. A simple open-leaf binder, scrapbook paper and a scrapbook pen are all you need. Take pictures of every phase of your adoption journey. Attach them to a page and write a sentence or two to go along with the picture.

Order Adoption Announcements

And get your address list ready. No, you won't be sending these out until after the adoption has been finalized, but the more you get ready now, the easier it will be send these out later.

Don't feel obligated to have custom-made announcements done right away. Generic announcements are available. Just have prints of your favorite picture of your child made and slip them in each announcement.

Have a more formal picture taken during the holidays when you've had time to settle in.

Plan Your Celebration Party

But don't set a date until after you get back with your child. You will want to give yourselves a week or two to settle in and get acquainted.

So while you can't set a date, what you can do now is research recipes from your child's native country, and find decorations, music and flags.

Look for these now and recruit family members to help with the celebration. By doing the work now, you ease any stress you may be feeling later, when your child finally arrives.

More Helpful Information

If finances are keeping you from achieving your dream of paying for your adoption, take heart. You can pay for that adoption without going into debt. We adopted all three of our children completely debt free. Learn how.

Adoption life books are a great way for your child to understand the story of his adoption. Learn how to make one by clicking here.

Once you bring your precious child home, you will want to celebrate your adoption. But you won't have much time. That's why you need to plan your adoption celebration now. Learn more.

A memory book is a great way to explain adoption to your small child, provide opportunities for discussions and provide a keepsake your child will enjoy and treasure for years to come. But while we all know we should create a life book, we're often slow to start one and take even longer finishing it because the task seems so overwhelming. Fortunately, there is help. Learn more.

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