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What Kind of Child to Adopt?

You want a child to adopt, to love and raise as your very own, but what child should you choose? Unlike parenting the biological way - where you obviously start out with a newborn - you have some choices when it comes to adoption. And there is the dilemma: Should you adopt an infant, a toddler or an older child? Or should you go all out and build an instant family by adopting a sibling group?

How Old Are You?

children to adopt Get used to people asking you that question when you begin searching for a child to adopt. Some countries will limit your options as to the child you want to adopt if you are over forty.

Adopting the Infant

If you have never parented before and you yearn to have a baby, then by all means, pursue adopting an infant. Despite the challenges of sleeping issues and crying spells, it is far easier to adjust to and bond with a baby than it is for an older child. I'm not trying to discourage you from adopting an older child, if that is your desire, because there are joys - and challenges - to adopting a child of any age. What I am saying is, don't feel guilty about wanting a baby. All of us are perfect parents until we actually become parents. Then reality sets in, and we become far more humble.

Unless you know firsthand what normal behavior is for a child at a certain age, you may be far too demanding on an older child and problems may develop. I'm not saying you shouldn't adopt an older child if that is truly your desire, but never take an older or special needs child to adopt out of guilt.

Adopting the Toddler

Toddlers are delightful, funny, warm, and maddening at times. And as with choosing any child to adopt, realize that they will have issues you will need to deal with. A benefit of adopting a toddler is they are usually sleeping through the night, but you will need to take extra steps to make certain your adopted toddler attaches to you and your family. If you are interested in adopting a toddler, an excellent resource is Toddler Adoption: The Weaver's Craft by Mary Hopkins-Best.

The Older Child

Do you already have children in your home? Or are you older with children almost grown, and you feel led to open your home to a child in need? The rewards of raising an older child are well worth the effort.

Sibling Groups

What greater blessing could you bring to the world than to open your home to a sibling group, providing these children with the opportunity to grow up together? The challenges include the costs of adopting these children, providing sufficient space (and beds!) and bringing a whirlwind into your home. But there's nothing more fun than watching your children play together.

The Special Needs Child

Adopting disabled children brings both joys and unique challenges. These include children who need surgery, who have downs syndrome, spina bifida or other physical challenges. The challenges include the cost of medical treatment and special care, while the rewards could be endless.

Other Helpful Links

Are you interested in adopting a child with special needs? Then check out www.raising-special-kids.com. They have useful information on recognizing emotional disorders, how to find the right therapy, and parenting tips from a parent who has been there.

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