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Adopt siblings, and you bless not only the children you adopt, but also multiply the fun, expenses, aggravations and noise in your home. If you're wondering whether sibling adoption is for you, read on.

So what are the pros of sibling adoption?

four siblings

Greater Security

Children rely on their brothers and sisters for emotional security and stability as much as, if not more than their parents, especially if they live in the type of traumatic circumstances that would lead to their adoption in the first place.

Spend any time at all with children, and you come to realize that the oldest child becomes a second mother or father to the younger ones. Separate siblings, and you increase the devastation they experience and make it harder for them to bond with you.

More is Easier

Sounds hard to believe, I know, but it's true. Adopt siblings, and you bring children into your home with tried and true playmates. While they will fight, they will also keep each other entertained, providing you with necessary breathing space.

So what are the downsides of adopting a sibling group?

More Expensive

This is especially true if you adopt a sibling group internationally. Although many countries offer a lower fee for adopting siblings, your adoption and travel costs will be higher with a sibling group.

You will also obviously be paying more for food, clothing, medical bills and educational costs.

You'll Need More Room

More children take up more space, which means you'll need a bigger house, more beds and a bigger car.


And of course, when you get two children together, they will inevitably fight, meaning you will have to referee the battles. You can get help for sibling rivalry here.

Just because I listed the cons last, doesn't mean they outrank the pros. So here's one more reason to adopt siblings. It's the right thing to do. So if you have always dreamed of a big family, I would encourage you to consider adopting a sibling group. In the end, you'll be blessed as much, if not more so, then they are.

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