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Sibling Group Adoption
Why It's So Important,
Why You Should Consider It

Sibling group adoption is a powerful way to bless not only the children involved, but the children you already have in your home and yourselves as well. That's because there is nothing so powerful, and so important than the relationships we have with our brothers and sisters.

my daughter and son At almost four, my daughter has become a little mother to my two-year-old son. She translates for him when someone has trouble understanding his baby language, finds his bear or other treasure when he's lost it, and scolds him when he gets into something he shouldn't. And he adores her with slavish devotion, when he's not annoyed with her for being too bossy.

I joke sometimes that they act a bit like an old married couple. And as it turns out, that's not too far from the truth. According to the National Adoption Information Clearinghouse, learning to get along with our siblings teaches us how to deal with others in later life.

It is through out interactions with our siblings that we learn how to interact with our spouse in later life. The bond we have with our brothers and sisters is more powerful and longer lasting than any other relationship we have, including those with our spouses, our parents and our children.

If something were to happen to me and my husband, nothing could possibly be worse than for my children to be separated. That's why I am a huge advocate of the sibling group adoption.

Sibling Group Adoption
Why Siblings Should Stay Together

If sibling group adoption is not allowed, and brothers and sisters are separated, the results are devastating. This is especially true when children are living in adverse circumstances where they have learned to depend on one another for their very survival. That's why there is such a need for sibling group adoption. Unfortunately, adoption workers have a hard time finding families willing to adopt a sibling group. Most couples feel they can't afford it, or worry they can't handle more than one new child at a time. But despite the hassles, sibling group adoption - and the large family that results - can bring tremendous benefits for all involved.

The Benefits of Having a Large Family

Despite the costs and struggles, there are wonderful plusses to having - and being part of - a large family. These include:

Everyone Learns to Work Together

With a large family, children learn to help out. Mom can't be everywhere at once, so older children learn to help the younger ones. They learn to think about the needs of others, and also learn valuable child rearing they will need in later life.

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Kids Learn to Share

They learn to share their room, their toys, and their food, and in the process, they learn the value of giving and taking. They learn to deal with all kinds of personalities and become more flexible later in life.

Parents Are Calmer, More in Control

Moms and dads who have seen it all before are less likely to freak out over the minor things, which leads to calmer, happier children.

Larger Families Have More Structure

Having a large number of children in your home forces you to have far more structure than you would with one or two children. Everyone knows the rules, as well as the consequences they will face if they break the rules. This provides all the children with much-needed security.

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