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Raising Adopted Children
Here's What I've Learned So Far

I'm still raising adopted children myself, so I am writing this page with fear and trepidation. My oldest child is only ten; some days I'm convinced he could be a future president of the United States; other days, I worry if he'll ever be able to even hold a job when he's grown.

kissing children The longer I'm at this task of parenting, the more convinced I am that I'm the last person on earth who should be giving advice on raising adopted children. But I have learned a few things, so for what it's worth, I'm sharing them:

Never Let Feelings of Inadequacy
Interfere With Your Parenting

No one understands how truly precious a child is more than the adoptive parent. And because we understand what a tremendous gift this child is, we take her into our arms with a deep feeling of inadequacy. This inadequacy is heightened a hundred fold if you have infertility issues. After all, one tends to reason, if you were meant to be a parent, wouldn't God have made you fertile?

For the first six years, I raised my son under the shadow of judgment. I felt a constant need to prove both to him and the world that I loved him. Instead, I should have been more diligent in setting stronger boundaries, something my son desperately needed. I should have been more of a parent and less of an apologist. As the old saying goes, children don't need a friend, they need a parent. And no statement was ever truer when it comes to raising adopted children.

Have You Struggled With
Reactive Attachment Disorder?

Have you adopted a child that you didn't bond with right away? Bless others by sharing your story with International Adoption Facts and information by clicking here.

You Will Attach to Your Child

But it might not be an instant attachment; in fact, it could take years. My beautiful daughter disliked me the moment she saw me. When she was a baby, the mere sound of my voice could set her howling. In fact, it wasn't until she turned three that I felt like she truly loved me.

But we are not called to love only the people who love us first, and that's doubly true when raising adopted children. When we agree to be parents, loving our children is part of the job description. If you become a parent simply because you want someone to love you, you are setting both you and your child up for heartache and disappointment.

So choose to love your child, even if you don't feel an instant attachment. The bond will come, but it may take time. Be patient.

It is Not the End of the World
If Your Child Has Learning Disabilities

first Christmas While in the womb, your child may have been exposed to heroine, cocaine, marijuana, methamphetamines or serious malnutrition. As a result, he or she may be behind developmentally and suffer from learning disabilities. Despite this, he will be okay, and so will you.

It is not the end of life as we know it to have learning disabilities. Famous singer Susan Boyle has learning disabilities and is doing quite well. You don't have to be a Rhodes Scholar to be successful in life. Heck, you don't even need a college diploma. So show lots of mercy when raising adopted children. Your child will find his place in the world and do just fine.

People Are Going to Make Stupid Remarks

And you and your child will survive. Adopt a child of a different race, and you're going to run into idiots from time to time who will stop you and say in a loud voice, "That child's not yours, is it?"

Just smile and say yes, she is. You don't have to explain that she's adopted. You're her mommy, and she's your daughter. That's all she cares about. That's all you care about. That's all anyone needs to know.

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How to Become a Positive Parent

Teach your children that good behavior will lead to positive benefits. There are a number of ways to do this, including using a parenting program that allows children to earn tickets for demonstrating good behaviors and positive values.

Learn to modify your child's behavior by watching your language. By stating commands in the positive rather than the negative, you can teach your children in subtle, yet powerful ways.

You can practice better discipline methods by teaching your children that it is their behavior, rather than your anger, that has both positive and negative outcomes, eliminating your anger and frustration in the process.

Peace at Home

There are excellent programs out there to help you with this goal. The important thing is to take a positive step toward positive reinforcement parenting. Your home will become more harmonious, and you'll all be happier and live in a more peaceful environment.

More Information on Raising Adopted Children

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