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Adopt Debt Free

Mommies and Daddies Wanted
Completely pay for that adoption without going into debt!

Don't Let High Adoption Costs Keep You Away From Your Dream
Of Building Your Family Through Adoption!

Have you been wanting to adopt, but felt you couldn't afford the agency fees? You can afford to adopt and pay those bills without going into debt. Read on to find out how...

our family Hi, I'm Sue Merriam

I still cry to this day when I think about it...

Ever since I was a little girl, I dreamed of the day I would become a mom. I couldn't wait for the moment when I could hold my very own child in my arms.

That dream seemed closer to reality when I married my wonderful husband Rick in 1992. We wanted to start our family right away.

But after seven years of marriage, we still had no children. We briefly pursued infertility treatments but quickly realized they weren't for us. They were too invasive and painful, not to mention risky and expensive. We decided adoption would be the best choice for us.

But we had limited funds...

We felt like we just couldn't afford the high price tag of going through an adoption agency, so we decided to become foster parents instead. Soon after finishing our parenting classes we became foster parents to a little boy.

The program was free, but it wasn't without its cost. We quickly learned that foster care comes with a huge emotional price tag. Many times foster parents grow to love their foster children only to suffer heartache when the children return home. We were fortunate in that we were able to adopt our precious foster son, but once it was over, we knew we couldn't go through the foster program again.

But we didn't want our son to be an only child...

our family We dreamed of having a larger family. We had room in our hearts and in our homes for two or even more children! Besides, so many children in the world needed a home and a loving family. Wouldn't it be great, we thought, to provide one or two of them with a loving home and parents of their very own?

That's why we decided to pursue international adoption in 2004. We wanted to adopt a little girl, and eventually we felt like a child from Guatemala would be the right choice for us. We started contacting different adoption agencies to learn more about international adoption. Eventually we found a good agency and began the adoption process.

But We Were Shocked at the High Cost of Adoption!

We knew we weren't going to be able to adopt our next child for free, but we were still stunned by the high cost we would have to pay to bring our daughter home from Guatemala. Including agency fees, the necessary paperwork, travel and hotel expenses, it costs us $32,000 to adopt our daughter.

Don't get me wrong. Our beautiful daughter was definitely worth all the effort and cost, but without the necessary skills to bring in the needed funds, we would never have been able to bring our daughter home.

You Can Adopt Debt Free!

And it's far more doable than you think - especially if you have the right step-by-step plans! With the right strategy in place, you could bring your child home within two years or even shorter without having to take out a loan.

Just think about what it will mean to be able to raise your new child without having that loan to worry about:
  • Want to stay home with your newly adopted child? You can if you adopt debt free!
  • With one less loan to worry about, you have greater financial security. No headaches or sleepless nights worrying about how you're going to make that adoption loan payment!
  • Have you dreamed of having a large family? By adopting debt free you have the freedom to adopt a second and even more children.
End result: You have the tools you need to adopt one or more children and still have financial freedom, using a proven plan to bring your children home without going into debt.

And that's exactly what you get when you download the e-book, Adopt Debt Free!

Buy it now for just $10.95!

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Best of all, not only do these plans help you pay for your adoption without going into debt, you learn valuable tips and techniques that will help you become debt free in all areas of your life. Let me explain...

You see, for years now, Rick and I have been dedicated to living the debt free lifestyle. With hard work and lots of trial and error experiences, we eventually paid off all our debts, including our mortgage, so that today we have no mortgage, no car payments, and we pay off our credit cards every month.

So when we decided to use adoption to build our family, we took the same principles and techniques we had acquired over the years to use with our adoption. We flew home from Guatemala with our daughter in 2005 with no debt!

After that experience, it was my prayer that I could help other couples make their dreams of being parents come true without having to take out costly loans. Plus, many parents long for more than one child, but feel they can't do so because of the high cost of adoption.

Maybe You're Just Like Me...

Have you been longing to provide a loving home to an orphan in need? Has your only child been asking for a brother or sister? With Adopt Debt Free, you have the tools you need to raise the necessary funds to pay for your domestic or international adoption without going into debt!

Yes, you really can raise all the money you need to adopt with these easy-to-understand instructions.

Great Tips on How to Bring Your Baby Home Debt Free Including the Following:

Your budget - the Indispensable Adoption Fundraising Tool

Why adoption fundraising starts at home with powerful, concrete steps you can take right now to save hundreds of dollars each month. Also included is a bonus feature of shopping tips and great recipes!

Why the internet is your new best friend

Harness the power of the World Wide Web to your advantage and adopt debt free, using these tips and techniques to create a powerful and effective website that will increase your donations.

Your Garage

Why it can be the place where adoption dreams come true and how you can use it to raise funds for your adoption. Great advice on promoting your hand-me-downs to the best advantage to raise the most cash for your adoption.

How eBay is a Great Asset for Unloading Your Assets

Turn those knick knacks collecting dust into hard, cold cash to pay for your adoption. I'll show you how.

The Benefit Dinner

It's just the delicious ticket to bringing your child home without going into debt. Lots of tips have been included to show you how to have the most successful benefit dinner ever.

Got Lots of Recipes?

I'll show you how to turn those recipes into a fundraiser your family will cherish for years to come. Make your own fundraising cookbook on the cheap and raise cash for your adoption.

Fun and Creative Fundraisers

This ebook also includes lots of creative and fun ways to raise funds for your adoption.

Don't Forget Grants

The book also includes an extensive list of nonprofit organizations that offer grants to help you with adoption costs. You'll get contact information and their requirements.

Uncle Sam Wants to Help You!

If you're an American citizen, the U.S. Government wants to help you with your adoption costs. I'll show you how.

This is a Helpful and Informative Book!
But Don't Just Take Our Word For It

I have been reading all of your information all day and find it to be extremely helpful and reader friendly. The HTML codes are a huge help along with the spaghetti list.

Lisa Paolucci
I have reviewed the book and found it to be very organized with helpful ideas as well as tools to set them in motion. I believe if this was my first adoption journey I would find it most helpful.

Daleea Barrett

Buy it now for just $10.95!

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So How Much Does it Cost to Get This E-Book?

You're probably asking the wrong question. What you should be asking is how much will it cost you in loan costs, time, frustration and crushed hopes if you don't find a successful way to pursue that adopt you've always dreamed of without going into debt?

Or look at it this way: How much would you be spending in interest payments alone if you followed the traditional route and took out a loan to pay for your adoption? If you took out a traditional loan of $24,000 or more, you could be paying interest over a five year period of at least $1,874.91! And that's just the interest. That loan payment over the next five years would be more than $400 per month.

This book is a bargain at $94, but now you can get it at the great rate of $10.95.

Why This Ridiculously Low Price?

Here's why:

Because with an e-book, you don't have the normal bother of shipping, handling, printing and other overhead costs. I can pass these savings onto you by way of a lower price.

And because it's my mission to get this e-book into the hands of as many couples as possible who have been aching to become parents, but thought adopting was an impossible dream...until now.

And here's the best part of all...

You Can Read it For Free! (Well, almost)

Here's how it works. I believe in my book - so I want to put my money where my mouth is. After you have ordered now, I will give you two months to read, absorb and use all that you learn from the e-book, and won't consider it to be a final sale until that time is up.

So relax and use this risk-free e-book. If you don't find the information helpful or don't like the e-book for whatever reason - or no reason at all - you will get back every single cent. And you don't have to give me a reason why if you don't have to.

You Can Be Reading This in As Little As 90 Seconds From Now!

You can download this e-book instantly, so you have no shipping and handling costs, and no waiting for the mailman to arrive. Order this book at 2 a.m. and receive it by 2:03 a.m. the same night at a savings to you!

Plus, there's even more good things ahead...

When preparing this e-book, I wanted to go the extra mile and reward you for giving Adopt Debt Free a try.

So Here's The Deal!

If you order now, you will receive:

4 Essential FREE BONUS GIFTS valued at US $42.80


Fundraising Battle Plan

Value - US $19.95

Without a solid plan, it's virtually impossible to achieve your goals and pay fully for your adoption before you bring your child home. The Fundraising Battle Plann is one of the most essential tools you will ever own.

  • Keep on track with your adoption expenses
  • Plan your fundraisers
  • A handy place to keep all of your fundraising team information
  • Keep a journal of the efforts you took to bring your child home
  • A useful tool to know where you are with your goals - and what you need to do next

Adoption Website Guide
Value - US $9.95

Turn your website into an internet superhero that will make it easier for your visitors to donate to your adoption cause.
  • Formatting tips and techniques
  • Tips on changing the look of your text
  • Add zing to your website

Benefit Dinner Companion
Value - US $7.95

A benefit dinner is a great way to raise funds for your adoption. This companion has lots of helpful forms to put on your most successful dinner ever.
  • Dinner Checklist that helps keep you on track
  • Sample Invitations and Flyers


Benefit Dinner Expense Guide (In Microsoft Excel Format)
Value - US $4.95

Use this handy spreadsheet to calculate instantly the correct amounts of ingredients you will need to put on a benefit spaghetti dinner.

Here's How to Get Your Copy Right Now:

You can purchase this e-book with either Pay Pal Funds or with your credit card.

Just click on the link below. You will be taken to a secure server.

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Yes, I want to receive my e-book
Adopt Debt Free
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I understand that I will also get the 4 Bonuses worth US $42.80 FREE for A TOTAL VALUE OF $92.79 for only US $10.95, if I order today.

I understand that I will not have to wait for the mailman to get my e-book, but will get INSTANT access to download the e-book and the four bonuses as soon as I order.

And finally, I understand that I am ordering today through a 100% secure server and my purchase is completely safe.

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