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Jigsaw Puzzle Fundraiser

A jigsaw puzzle fundraiser was one way a couple was able to successfully raise funds to help pay for their international adoption.

Sarah McDaniel found her puzzle through Amazon. You can also find a wide selections of puzzles here. Because she didn't want to spend much money on a frame, she bought two poster frames locally and used the front plexi-glass from one to put on the back of the other, so the puzzle could be seen from both sides.

Then she and her husband set up a website through this free website service. They emailed the link to friends and also had 100 brochures printed up through Vista Print and mailed them out to friends and family, so the cost of this puzzle fundraiser was only the puzzle itself and the brochures.

They asked for $10 per puzzle piece and added pieces to the puzzle as the funds came in. Eventually they sold all 500 pieces of the puzzle and now have the completed puzzle hanging in their living room.

Sarah later said, "This (fundraiser) went so well for us, obviously first because of God's grace, but from a human standpoint, because we really didn't do many others. It was also one where all of the donated funds went directly to our adoption cost, rather than the cost of some kind of product.

"We were surprised, throughout, ... as to where some of the funds came - some we expected would give, never did, and vice-versa. It's amazing when we rest in God (not an easy task), what we get to see Him do!!

The completed puzzle is now hanging on the McDaniel's wall. "You can't readily see the back," she said, "but we can take it down as a family to see the works of God . . . and even just seeing it on our wall is a wonderful 'altar' in our lives to what God has done . . . especially for our son as he grows, and we want to continually impress on him God's plan for His life and how God was working before we even knew him. I was impressed at how God seemed to always have the Israelites build an altar after the "big" events, so they would remember . . . we want to always be moving forward in our walk with God, but still remembering all He has already done for us!

"We are home 5 days now with our 2 1/2-3 yr. old son. We'll be taking him to the international adoption clinic in the next couple of weeks, so hopefully they'll be able to help us determine a more definitive age for him."

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