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Unique Fundraiser Ideas
Fun Ways to Pay For Your International Adoption

Unique fundraiser ideas can be the best fundraisers for your international adoption. That's because they are created by you and reflect your unique personality and experience. That's how Kelly Miller came up with a roller skating fundraiser to help cover international adoption expenses.

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Unique Fundraiser Ideas
Stick With What You Know

While in high school, she worked at the snack bar of a local roller skating rink and helped serve at private birthday parties at the rink. That experience gave her the idea of putting together a private fundraiser party where she would charge an amount per person (such as $15 for example) for two hours of skating, a piece of pizza and small drink, skate rental and entry in a drawing for a $100 cash prize.

Unique Fundraiser Ideas are Fun

Unique fundraisers ideas such as this one are great because they give others a fun way to help others. Miller describes it as a "perfect opportunity to have fun with family, get out of the house for an activity and raise funds for a good reason."

When is the Best Time
For Unique Fundraiser Ideas Like This One?

So when are unique fundraiser ideas like this one best implemented? "Summer is not a good season for it," Miller explains. "People don't like being cooped up indoors, so this would be a good one to do during the school year." Miller says she plans on having her roller skating fundraiser in either October or November.

She also plans to wait until the football and hockey schedules have been released so her fundraising day doesn't conflict with an important game. You can also raffle donated gift baskets from local vendors and sell other items to raise even more funds.

Unique Fundraiser Ideas
Other Tips

Miller also recommends telling the owner of the rink that you are organizing a fundraiser. If the owner knows it's for a fundraiser, he is more likely to offer the rink at a discount.

She also recommends offering something fun along with food and drinks. For her event, she is planning to give away glow sticks for the kids. At one point, they will turn out the lights, turn on the colored, flashy lights with hip music and let the kids can skate with their glow sticks.

"Do what you know," she advises, "and the money will come." Miller is also planning to make up some adoption stickers to pass out to everyone in attendance as well.

Not a Roller Skating Fan?
Here are More Unique Fundraiser Ideas

The best part about unique fundraiser ideas like this one is that they can be adapted to other indoor or outdoor activities such as ice skating, batting cages, or miniature golf.

You can visit Kelly Miller's website at One Piece at a Time.

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