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International Adoption Grant
Part Two

An international adoption grant is a great way to help cover the often high costs of an international adoption. Here are some more organizations that offer grants.

A Child Waits Foundation

The international adoption grant program available through A Child Waits Foundation is specifically designed to help older children and children with special needs still living in international orphanages to become part of a family.

This foundation's mission is to save children from living their entire childhood in international orphanages without the warmth and love of a family.

An international adoption grant from A Child Waits Foundation is awarded for the adoption of older or special needs children, and is based on the following:

Need of the Child: The child you want to adopt must be either over the age of five or have a medical or developmental need making it harder to place that child;

Financial: Families applying for a grant must demonstrate they have already raised the initial portion of the adoption fees.

Availability of Funds: When determining whether a grant will be awarded, as well as the amount, the foundation will also look at the combination of age and medical condition of the child, cost of the adoption and the family's financial situation.

You must apply before your adoption is completed. Also, your adoption must be in process through a 501(c) (3) adoption agency. Grants are awarded to qualified U.S. citizens regardless of marital status, race, religion or national origin.

Sea of Faces

Sea of Faces was founded by a husband and wife team, both of whom were adopted as infants and who want to help the cause of adoption. This organization was recognized by the Congressional Coalition on Adoption Institute with a 2007 Angels in Adoption Award.

The amount of grant available through Sea of Faces will generally range from $1,000 to $3,000. Grants are awarded during the months of March, June, September and December.

In order to apply for a grant, parents must have the referral of a child from a developing country. They must also have a completed home study, as well as an approved I-171 H or I-797 C. The only applicants who will qualify are married couples, one man and one woman, both professing Christians. Families can apply up to six months after a child is home.

Factors Sea of Faces Foundation will consider when evaluating an application for an international adoption grant include urgency of need, church involvement, overall financial stewardship, adoption impact on the family's financial future and their adoption story. Families who apply must also sign a statement of faith.

A $15 tax-deductible donation is requested with.

Katelyn's Fund

Katelyn's Fund will give an international adoption grant of $3,000, contingent on available resources and approval by the church board.

Families who wish to apply for an international adoption grant must have a completed home study, a picture of the adoptive family, picture of children to be adopted (if known), tax documents from the previous two years, statement of expenses from the adoption agency, and a list of at least five names and addresses to receive the Katelyn's Fund Newsletter. You will need to submit your application at least 60 days before travel, and before traveling to pick up your child, you must have an interview with the board before being approved for a grant.

The goal of Katelyn's Fund is for children to be adopted into two-parent, Christian homes, and only married, heterosexual couples will be approved for a grant. Applicants must complete a statement of faith attesting to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. In addition, they must be working with a licensed adoption agency and demonstrate financial hardship with adoption expenses or need of assistance.

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