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How to Do a Fundraiser - Or Two - Within a Fundraiser

How to do a fundraiser - or two - within a fundraiser? Look no further than the example of adoptive mom, Kelly Miller, who is raising funds for an international adoption. Kelly has a roller skating fundraiser planned for the fall, but she is also taking advantage of the event to raise even more funds.

She believes firmly in the philosophy of working with what you know. "Do what you know and the money will come," she advises. But she is also ensuring a truly profitable event by holding two additional fundraisers within her roller skating fundraiser. Here are two extra ways she will be earning funds to pay for her international adoption.

piggy bank

50/50 Drawing

Wondering how to do a fundraiser that is easy to implement, doesn't take much money, and is a win/win for both you and your participants? A 50-50 Raffle might be just the ticket for you.

Your sole expense will be the raffle tickets. You can get either a roll of double tickets or single tickets that you tear in half. During your fundraising event, sell tickets (usually a $1 a piece. You can also offer a discounted price for more, such as 5 ticket for $4).

Then toward the end of your fundraising event, pick a ticket and announce the winner. You can either split the amount you got through sales or offer a set amount, such as $100. That's how to do a fundraiser that is low cost for both you and your participants that pays big.

Silent Auction

A silent auction isn't as simple to implement as the 50/50 drawing, but it can reap big rewards to help you pay for your international adoption. Here's how to do a fundraiser with a silent auction.

Get donations from several local businesses. Naturally, the more donations you receive, the more profitable and fun the auction. Print up a list of all the items for sale, including their worth and who donated them. You will need to leave space to write down on your master list who won the item, total amount paid and a phone number.

Number each item according to its number on the list. You can find stickers or labels at your local office supply store. On each label write what the item is worth and the required minimum bid - typically 20% of the retail value). Tape a lined "bid sheet" next to each item with a pen.

Participants bid by writing a bid on the line and signing their name. If they are outbid, they can bid again.

That's how to do a fundraiser within a fundraiser that is low cost and fun.

You can visit Kelly Miller's website at One Piece at a Time.

Other Ideas on How to Do a Fundraiser

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A garage sale is another one of those creative fundraisers that is a great way to raise adoption funds. Learn how to finance an international adoption through a garage sale.
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