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International Adoption Statistics

International adoption statistics provided by the U.S. Department of State give you the big picture of international adoption. Knowing what countries are the most popular for adoption, and how many children came from each particular country will give you an idea of what country you should choose for your international adoption.

Biggest Year for Adoption

International adoption statistics reveal that 2004 was the record year for adoptions in the United States, with 22,884 children coming into the United States from overseas. That number has steadily dropped every year since then, and in 2008 there were only 17,438 children coming into the United States.

Most Popular Country from Which to Adopt

Up until last year, China was the most popular place to travel to bring home a child, with 7,906 children coming from China in 2005, 6,493 children in 2006 and 5,453 in 2007. But according to the international adoption statistics provided by the State Department, that number dropped significantly to 3,909 in 2008, and Guatemala topped the list last year with 4,123 children.

Five Most Popular Countries

According to statistics, the five countries people traveled most often to bring home a child were Guatemala (4,123 adoptions last year), China (3,909), Russia (1,861), Ethiopia (1,725) and South Korea (1,065).

Top Asian Countries

The most common countries from the Asian region for international adoption included China (3,909 children in 2008), South Korea (1,065), Vietnam (751), the Philippines (291), Taiwan (267), Kazakhstan (380), Kyrgyzstan (78) and Thailand (59). Both Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan located in Central Asia and were a former part of the Soviet Union).

Top European Countries

Statistics reveal that these countries are Russia (1,861), the Ukraine (457) and Poland (77).

Top African Countries

According to statistics, prospective parents traveled to Ethiopia (1,725 children in 2008), Liberia (249), Nigeria (148) and Ghana (101).

Latin American Adoptions

Parents brought 4,123 children from Guatemala in 2008. Other Latin American countries included Colombia (306), Haiti (302) and Mexico (103).

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