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Adopting From Guatemala
On Hold For Now

Adopting from Guatemala is currently not possible if you live in the United States, and I'm truly sorry about that, since Guatemala is the birth place of my beautiful daughter.

Guatemala has - in the past - been one of the most popular countries from which to build a family. In 2008 more than 4,000 children came into the United States from Guatemala, more than from any other country.

A Popular Program

People liked adopting from this country, because the process was fast, and most of the children were cared for in foster families rather than in an institutional setting. Plus, the children came home at a much younger age. This was because the process was handled by individual notaries rather than the government, which tends to be slow and cumbersome.

little girl In many ways, this method of adoption was a great idea, so long as the lawyers involved were ethical. In an ideal world, the lawyers - or notaries - would make certain they could find a local couple to adopt the child first. If no such couple could be found, then they would contact agencies in different countries to find a couple to adopt the child.


The problem is, there is no such thing as an ideal world, and there was inevitably some corruption involved in the process when adopting from Guatemala. With that much money floating around in a third world country, a place where there wasn't much money to begin with, there was bound to be some corruption. There were instances where children were abducted and birth mothers were pressured to give up their children or were paid off. And there were instances where papers had been forged. Unfortunately, it was bound to happen.

An Attempt to Change

After long campaigning by UNICEF, the Guatemalan government finally voted to become a member of the Hague Convention and to change its process of adopting from Guatemala. Unfortunately, workers in Guatemala involved in the adoption process are not yet in full compliance with the treaty's provisions.

Because of this, and because of the dishonesty and corruption by some of the notaries, the State Department is discouraging people from adopting from Guatemala and will no longer allow Americans to bring children back from Guatemala.

It's unfortunate, because in so doing, the State Department is punishing the honest notaries for the actions of the dishonest ones. It also means that children who would not be placed in their native countries anyway are likely to now languish in institutions.

Let's hope this issue will be resolved, and we will again be adopting from Guatemala soon.

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