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Romania International Adoption

Romania international adoption is closed to virtually everyone except grandparents living abroad. Sadly, it is a knee-jerk reaction to the corruption that came from a country struggling to break free of communism.

What Happened?

The Romanian communist regime was not kind to orphans and discouraged international adoption. Unfortunately, people were taught that it was okay to hand over their children to the government. But the Ceausescu regime did not have the adequate resources to provide for the children. Workers were underpaid, and the children languished in orphanages where they got little care and poor nutrition. kids incognito

The End of Communism

When the totalitarian regime collapsed in 1989, people around the world learned of the awful conditions of Romanian orphanages and prompting a cry for Romania international adoption. Adoptive parents from overseas - primarily from the United States - came forward to adopt tens of thousands of these children.

Unfortunately, enterprising souls with little conscience turned international adoption into a corrupt industry, charging tens of thousands of dollars in international fees. There were also accusations, mostly unfounded, that the children were being sold into prostitution or harvested for organs.

The European Union applied pressure on the Romanian Government to stop Romania international adoption. Strict laws now completely ban the adoption of children under the age of two, and foreign adoptions are only allowed by grandparents.

What Will That Mean for Children in Romania?

Thousands of abandoned children are now living in institutional settings. Romanian citizens show little interest in adopting these children, so without Romania international adoption, the children have very little hope of finding a family. This is devastating news for a child, both physically and mentally.

The MacArthur Foundation Study

Around 2001, the MacArthur Foundation financed a study in Bucharest to see how important family life was on the health and development of a child. Researchers who conducted the study figured the greatest impact on a child's development would be nutrition.

They were surprised to discover that a family setting has the greatest impact on a child's development. Not only is a close family life crucial to health, well being and intelligence, but it can also be medically therapeutic, actually undoing some of the developmental harm done to children from their time spent in state facilities.

According to the study, a child placed in either a foster or adoptive home before the age of two is "almost certain to grow up stronger, healthier, and smarter than those who remain in institutions." See full story here. The sooner a child is placed in family care, the better off that child will be.

A Family Life Means a Higher IQ

Study results also showed that children raised in institutional settings failed to thrive despite good nutrition. As time went on, these children would shrivel both physically and intellectually. At the age of 20 months, children living in orphanages had an average IQ of 72.5, while children recently placed in foster care had an average IQ of 76.1. By the age of 42 months, children in institutionalized settings had an IQ of 77.1, while children in foster care had a higher IQ of 86.3.

Children in a family setting, however, had the highest IQs of all, typically 100 or higher. The study is a powerful demonstration of how crucial close, personal family relationships are for a child to be able to thrive, and the necessity of Romania international adoption.

Unfortunately, the European Union is more annoyed with the study than motivated by it, and Romania international adoption laws remain unchanged, leaving Romanian orphans to face a bleak future.

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