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Importance of Foreign Language Study

Importance of foreign language study. So what are the reasons for foreign language study? The answers include a better understanding of your child's culture and a brighter future for your internationally adopted child.

Not Everyone Speaks English

While it's true that English is being learned around the world, that doesn't guarantee you'll run into people who speak English on your trip. When I traveled to Brazil recently, I only met one native who spoke English, and when we traveled to Guatemala to pick up our daughter, most of the people we ran into didn't speak English at all.

That's one of the reasons for foreign language study. If you hope to buy a meal in a restaurant, catch a cab or make change, you'll find it a real plus to know at least the rudimentary basics of the language. traveling

A Better Understanding of the Culture

You will never truly understand the culture of another country unless you can speak easily with everyday people on the street. When we don't understand the culture of another, we are more likely to cause gaffes and misunderstandings, leading to a poor image of the ugly American. By learning the language of your child's country of birth, you demonstrate in a powerful way your respect for his country and culture.

To Reassure Your Child

Babies can often learn sign language at six months of age, meaning they are able to understand the spoken word far earlier than they can speak it. So even if you are adopting a baby, she is probably used to hearing language in her native tongue. Thus the importance of foreign language study. By being able to speak in her native tongue, you will be able to bond more quickly with your child.

To Encourage Your Child to Learn

Children who learn a foreign language at an early age tend to perform better in reading, language arts and math. They also have greater mental flexibility, creativity, better problem solving and greater reasoning skills, some powerful reasons for foreign language study. Also, knowing her native tongue will help your child should she decide to visit her native country when she is older.

A Better Understanding of Your Own Culture

The importance of foreign language study can't be emphasized enough, especially when it comes to understanding yourself and your culture. By speaking fluently, you get insight on how other countries view you and your culture. By seeing how other countries and cultures work, you get a far better understanding and appreciation of your own way of living.

Getting Started

Whether you want to learn Mandarin Chinese, Spanish, Russian, or even Romanian, audiobooks are a great way to learn a new language. I'm currently learning Portuguese this way. I've downloaded my audiobook onto my MP3 player and am learning the language while I take my daily walk. By learning it in small bits, you retain it better and learn it faster.

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