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Air Travel With Toddler Tips

Air travel with toddler tips are good to have as you prepare to make that trip to meet your newly adopted child for the first time. Here are ways to make that trip home both smooth and pleasant.

Traveling with toddlers

Try to Travel at Night

If you are traveling with young children, try to take a flight that leaves around 10 p.m. Your young child's body clock will tell her to sleep no matter where she's at, so she'll be able to sleep on the plane.

Air Travel With Toddler Tips
Bring Plenty of Snacks

Your child will likely get hungry (and/or bored) before the scheduled meal arrives, so include snacks and juice boxes in your carry-on luggage.

Your Young Child Will Need to Move

A child who is between the ages of 2- to 5-years old will have a short attention span and need to move around a lot. You'll need to keep that in mind for the long plane trip back home. If you can, arrange to sit in the bulkhead seats - the seats at the very front of the plane with no seats before them so that you'll have the added room for your child to sit on the floor and draw.

Unfortunately with adoption travel, that's not always possible, so reserve an aisle seat so the two of you can get up and move around about every half hour. But also make sure your child isn't walking up and down the aisles alone, which could be dangerous and annoying to the other passengers.

Comfort Food

At least twenty four hours before your flight, order your child's meal. Many flights offer comfort food choices such as chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese or hot dogs, so order something your child will like. Also find a juice your child likes and bring it along so your child has plenty of her favorite juice to drink.

Air Travel with Toddler Tips
Provide Layered Clothing

Remember that airplanes can get cold, so dress your young child warmly in layers. Bring an extra sweater or jacket for your child and also include a small blanket.

Keep it Clean

Be sure to carry diaper wipes and a change of clothes for both you and your child.

Make it Fun

Also pack plenty of fun activities and crafts to keep your child occupied. Learn how to prepare a toddler travel pack by clicking here.

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