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Get Organized For Family Travel

Get organized for family travel, and you will have much smoother travel and provide happy memories for your newly adopted child. According to Penny Whistle Traveling-with-Kids Book: Whether by Boat, Train, Car, or Plane...How to Take The Best Trip Ever with Kids, here are some important items to add to your child's travel kit.

Comfort Items

Be sure to include a pillow, a small blanket and a stuffed animal or doll for your child. It will be much easier for your little one to take a nap if she has these comfort items with her. airplane travel

Traveling Entertainment

An important way to get organized for family travel is to include plenty of books for you to read together, as well as coloring books, notebooks, crayons, washable markers, stickers, rubber stamps and stamp pads to keep your little one occupied.

Don't Forget the Music

Providing plenty of fun music and audio books are a great way to get organized for family travel. Purchase a simple MP3 player and load it with fun children's songs and stories to provide hours of entertainment for your child and give you and your voice a break.

Life Story Book

While waiting for the green light to travel and pick up your child, buy a photo album and load it with pictures of your child's new home, your family pet, new family members she will meet and your church.

Be creative and write in a storybook format. Give it a title such as Zelda's New Home and Family. Be sure to include copies of any photos you have received of your child to make it her unique story.

Include a Surprise Grab Bag

This is a fun way to get organized for family travel and make the trip home a memorable one for your child. Before you leave to pick up your little one, stop by a dollar store and buy several small toys for your child and wrap them in tissue paper. Then on the trip home, give your child a wrapped package every hour or half hour, depending on the length of the trip.

Unwrapping a small present takes extra time and will add excitement and mystery to your child's trip.

Finger Puppets

Finger puppets are a great diversion when your children are tired or bored. Use them to create a puppet show for your child or one they can put one on themselves. Learn how to make finger puppets by clicking here.

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