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Air Travel Packing Tips

Air travel packing tips will help you prepare now for that date not too far in the future when you'll get a call saying you will be traveling to pick up your newly adopted child in two weeks or less. So what are some things you can do now to prepare?

traveling with children

Invest in the Right Bag

In the incredibly helpful book, How to Pack, Laurel Cardone recommends looking at your lifestyle and how you prefer to travel before purchasing your luggage.

Do you prefer carrying your luggage? If so, then a duffel bag with a long shoulder strap might be the right option for you. You can carry it over your shoulder and have both hands free. Or if you plan on carrying your baby in a sling, a suitcase on wheels would be an excellent choice for you.

I would recommend, however, that you try to keep your luggage down to one bag each that can fit easily into the carry-on compartment of your airplane. When you get home, the last thing you want is to stand in a crowded airport with a small child waiting for your luggage to show up on the luggage rack.

Air Travel Packing Tips
Prepare a Travel Kit

By travel kit, I mean start collecting small bottles and containers to hold your favorite lotions, shampoos and facial creams. You'll find these small containers in the same section of your grocery store where the sample-sized bottles of shampoos and deodorants can be found. Also invest in travel-sized tubes of toothpaste and a plastic cover for your toothbrush. Store all your small containers in a quart-sized ziplock bag.

Also start packing a travel kit for your child. Include diaper rash cream, baby powder and teething tablets. Again, don't take the large packages they come in, but instead store a small amount in small containers. Don't purchase (and pack) formula or diapers. Your baby is likely used to a certain brand, so purchase a couple of cans while you're abroad and then gradually introduce an American brand.

Air Travel Packing Tips
First-Aid Essentials

Also don't forget a few essentials, such as acetaminophen, adhesive strips, anti-diarrheal medication and cold medications. Look for trial-sized packages of these as well.

Air Travel Packing Tips
Packing Clothes

Here's a great trick for keeping your clothing from getting wrinkled: Lay your shirts flat on the bed and smooth out the wrinkles. Fold the sleeves in and then roll your shirts (jellyroll fashion) from the hem up to the collar.

Never pack your shoes empty. Instead, stuff them with underwear, socks or anything small you don't want rolling about in your suitcase. Pack your shoes individually for greater flexibility in packing. Place each shoe in a plastic shopping bag to protect your other garments.

If you're using a duffel bag, be sure to evenly distribute the weight. Put your heaviest items at the bottom of the bag and then add the lighter items.

Purchase a Money Belt

One of the last, but most important air travel packing tips is to protect your documents and money from pick pockets. A money belt is an excellent option for this. I recently purchased the one pictured on the left, and found it a great way to discreetly carry not only my passport and money, but also my digital camera, comb and change.

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