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Apply for Maternity Leave

Apply for maternity leave. No, you're not pregnant, but you are in the process of adopting a child you are expecting, and like any parent who is planning on bringing home a little one in a few months, you'll want some time off from your job to bond with your new child, something that is crucial for your relationship and your child's future development.

But how do you ask for time off? Or what happens if you do ask for time off and your boss refuses? Will you have to give up your job, or worse, leave your new child with a new sitter far too soon and miss out on that necessary one-on-one time?

Fortunately, there is hope. You can apply for maternity leave and get it, but the right strategy is crucial to your success, according to Pat Katepoo, creator of WorkOptions. , a program designed to help people get the flexible work schedules they need. Here are some tips:

Start Planning Now

It may be months yet before you are allowed to travel and bring your new child home, but it's never too early to start planning on how you will apply for maternity leave. Katepoo says that now is the time to develop relationships with your coworkers that will benefit you when it's time to take your maternity leave. Prove your value to your boss and your fellow workers by helping out as much as you can and showing that you're a team player. Practice give and take with your coworkers, right now giving more than taking.

Learn the Minimal Amount of Leave
You Have Coming

Find out how much maternity leave you are legally entitled to, and yes, according to the Family Medical Leave Act, adoptive parents are entitled to up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave to care for a new child. But not all companies are required to provide this unpaid leave, so the first thing you should do is learn how much leave you are legally entitled to. You can learn more about it here.

Ask for More Leave than You Expect to Get

When you apply for maternity leave, and once you have found out the bare minimum you are entitled to, ask for four to six weeks off in addition to the minimum leave you are entitled to. According to Katepoo, virtually everything is negotiable including the amount of time you want and even getting pay while you're on leave. The more you ask for initially, the more room there will be for compromise, so go ahead and be bold with your request.

Prepare a Well-Crafted Proposal

About three months before you plan to travel and pick up your child, you will need to apply for maternity leave and present a well-crafted proposal. In your proposal, you need to emphasize your desire to return to work once your leave is over and also list your accomplishments, the value of your work to the company and how your work will get done in your absence. Mention how you'll be accessible during your leave, and also when and how you'll return to work.

Need help preparing your proposal? Get help here.

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